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Here you will find resources for your Spanish class, homework assignments, and useful links for review and practice. You will also find department news and reminders about important dates.


We firmly believe that in order to support our students, we need to maintain an open line of communication with parents/legal guardians. To facilitate A two-way communication:


  • During the first week of class, students will bring home a form to be filled with contact information. We would appreciate if you provide us with your most current information, and let us know if any contact information occurs during the school year.
  • Students will also bring home a syllabus with information about class information, expectations and responsibilities. Please read it, sign it, and return it promptly with your student.
  • Every week, on the first day of class, students are provided with a weekly lesson plan/agenda. If the weekly lesson plan/agenda is brought home, signed and returned, students will receive a BONUS 100% homework grade if it is handed the following day, or an 80% homework grade if handed in a day later. The weekly lesson plan/agenda is returned to students, so that it can be used to keep track of assignments and class work. Please take the time to look over the agenda before signing it. Also, please feel free to write any questions/comments or concerns in the space provided. we will do my best to address them and/or contact you. 
  • Please feel free to email or call your student's teacher as soon as you have any questions or concerns. We know you know your students the best and we value your feedback.
  • Please subscribe to this page for extra credit and visit often to see our updates.




  • Come to class every day and be available to learn
  • If you must miss a class, find what you missed: email your teacher, talk to a classmate, visit the website, or see your teacher before school. Every day we do something important to advance your learning
  • Ask questions when you do not understand
  • Email your teacher if you have questions
  • Stay after school for extra help
  • Study five minutes every day
  • Use the language outside of the classroom as much as possible
  • Listen to music in Spanish
  • Watch TV in Spanish
  • Take advantage of extra credit opportunities for using the language




There are two Spanish teachers: Mrs. Dickson and Mrs. Leon-Sweeney, your student may see either teacher for extra help.


Laurie Dickson - Spanish Teacher. ldickson@napsk12.org

Every day after school until 3:00, Thursday until 3:30, or other days by appointment.

Mary Leon-Sweeney - Spanish Teacher/ Team Leader. mleonsweeney@napsk12.org

Every morning 7:15-7:45, period D, every day after school until 3:00, Wednesdays until 3:30, or other days by appointment.



This page is always under construction. 

Please subscribe for extra credit and visit often to see our updates. 

Feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance at mleonsweeney@napsk12.org


Looking forward a wonderful school year 2017-2018