Drury High School Remote Learning Expectations

Dear Drury Families,

At Drury High School, we value a student-centered learning environment characterized by equity, personalization, collaboration, and engagement. We believe all members of our school community are active and reflective agents of teaching and learning in an ever-changing global society. Although our school building is temporarily closed, Drury staff will continue to provide a remote learning experience that holds true to these values and beliefs.

Because we have shifted to a block scheduling model this year, Drury High School students are currently enrolled in four courses during this second semester of the school year. Though several courses run both semesters (such as grade 7 and 8 mathematics, some Advanced Placement science courses, and a few other specific courses), most classes at Drury are only one semester long. Students with passing grades in their semester 1 classes have already received credit for those first semester courses.

During the extended closure, we will not issue 3rd quarter grades or report cards, but instead, at the end of this semester in June, we will issue credit/no credit for second semester courses (essentially combining work previously completed during the first half of quarter three with the remote learning work completed between now and our anticipated return to school in May along with any additional learning tasks completed in May and June).

Report cards at the end of the year may identify a grade corresponding to one of the following four achievement categories: Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Partially Meeting Expectations, or Not Meeting Expectations. During the time of the school closure and Drury remote learning, students will be graded 50% on the Engagement in Learning rubric and 50% on a combination of online assignment and assessment tasks aligned to state standards. The Drury expectation is that students will engage positively in the online learning and complete assigned tasks to the best of their ability. Additional supports are available for students as needed, and you and the student may contact the teacher through their napsk12 email account (listed on the Drury website or via the teacher’s Google Classroom).

Due to the extended closure of the school building and guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, second semester courses will not be counted toward Grade Point Average (GPA) or class rank in high school. Instead, students in all grade levels who Partially Meet, Meet, or Exceed Expectations will receive credit for the course. Students Not Meeting Expectations will receive no credit for the course. Students who receive no credit in a course will be invited to an additional remediation or summer school program, or they will need to repeat the course in the 2020-2021 school year. We will reach out to seniors and parents of seniors to ensure that all students and their families know what they must complete to ensure on-time graduation from high school this year.

After the full Advanced Placement (AP) testing details are released in April, Drury staff will reach out to AP students to confirm participation in at-home AP testing this year. We encourage ALL Advanced Placement students to take the 2020 AP exams, but we understand that some students may not be able to take the exams this year due to circumstances beyond our control. For this year only, students wishing to opt out of AP testing may do so, and their test orders will be cancelled upon request. More information to follow in April on AP courses and testing.

We are committed to helping all students succeed and improve their knowledge and skills during this time of remote learning. Please contact your child’s teacher directly if you have any specific questions about a class, or you may email me at any time at tcallahan@napsk12.org regarding school-related matters.



Timothy Callahan


Drury High School