Virtual Field Day

Drury High School is hosting a Virtual Field Day to have some fun through friendly competition among grades 7-11. 
Who: Students in grades 7-11
What: Virtual Field Day
Where: Your own home
When: June 15-17
Why: We need a little fun in our lives
How: Complete the activities, record yourself, email your photo or video to your corresponding teacher. 
How to win: Each grade level will have a teacher who will collect emails of videos and photos. The more students who participate, the more points your class earns. Points will be tallied on June 18th and results will be announced at the end of the day on June 18th. 
Directions for each activity are included in the attachments to this email. Stay tuned to social media on June 15-17th for reminders of the activity of the day. 
1.) Clothes relay
2.) Paper plane corn-hole
3.) Look for the good (1-minute challenge, LFTG)
4.) Towel flip challenge
BONUS for each day - Scavenger Hunt
Each grade level should email the corresponding teacher to have their video/photo counted toward the class's points.
Grade 7 - Ms. Zuker (
Grade 8 - Ms. Shea (
Grade 9 - Ms. Dunn (
Grade 10 - Mrs. Kidder (
Grade 11 - Ms. Quinto (
Have fun!
Virtual Field Day Team (Ms. Shea, Mr. Bryce, Mr. Moore, Ms. Quinto, Mrs. Kidder, Ms. Dunn, Mr. Faulconer-Strange, Ms. Zuker, Ms. Dickson)