The Stephen J. Drotter Memorial Library


Library Hours:

7:25 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. school days (until 2:35 p.m. Fridays)

Library Access:

All students may use the library before or after class hours. The library is used for classes periods E, F and G. Teachers may bring classes to the library during other periods by prearrangement with the library staff.  Teachers may also send students periods B, C or D with a pass indicating their assignment. Students wishing to use the library during instructional support periods B, C or D should get a pass from Mr. Houston.

Library Expectations:

  • Respect the other library users – work quietly.
  • Respect the resources – use computers and print materials appropriately.
  • Respect the space – protect furniture and carpet.
  • Respect the school rules – no food or drink; no personal electronic devices.
Drury High School Core Values and Beliefs
Expectation 6:  Students demonstrate personal responsibility
and productivity as participants in the school community.
Rubric Criteria:
Attendance and Punctuality, Persistence,
Responsibility for Learning, Classroom Etiquette
Student displays appropriate learning behavior.
Student is focused and does not engage in distracting behavior.
Student shows strong self-control and respect for others. 


Drury Yearbooks Online
Courtesy of the North Adams Public Library
Here are links to local public and college libraries:
 (The colleges' electronic resources are restricted to their students and staff. Print resources may be used in the libraries, although may not be available to be signed out.)
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