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Grading & HW Guidelines

Drury School-wide Grading Guidelines


Homework (H)

Determined through the scoring of independent practice that students are expected to complete outside of class time. See the Drury Homework Guidelines to the right for more information.


Class Participation (CP)

Determined through a teacher-specific combination of attendance, preparedness, contribution to class activities, completion of classwork, plus the use of the school-wide collaboration and personal responsibility/productivity rubrics.


Assignments (A)

Determined through the scoring of in-class assignments and activities that are used for formative assessment purposes. The expectation is that students would be given multiple formative assessments in each class every week.


Mastery Assessments (MA)

Determined through the scoring of summative assessments used to measure standards mastery. Qualifying assessments would include projects, papers, presentations, portfolios, tests and other summative measures. The expectation is that students would be given multiple mastery assessments in each class every quarter, with the majority completed during class time and not assigned as homework.

Drury Homework Guidelines

Independent practice is an essential component of learning, and homework should be used primarily to reinforce skills and content knowledge taught in class, and to provide extension activities to increase awareness.
Homework Expectations Per Night, Per Grade Level:
  • Grade 8: Approximately 80 minutes total
  • Grade 9: Approximately 90 minutes total
  • Grade 10: Approximately 100 minutes total
  • Grade 11: Approximately 110 minutes total
  • Grade 12: Approximately 120 minutes total