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Letter from Principal Callahan

Letter from Principal Callahan

Dear Drury Students and Families,


The 2017-2018 school year brings many exciting changes to Drury High School. With our reconfiguration as a 7-12 high school, we have established the Drury 7-8 Academy and restructured our 9-12 departmental teams to provide more focused leadership as we emphasize college and career readiness for all students.


The 7-8 Academy operates as part of Drury High School with a close-knit, dedicated team of educators working to develop student learning and leadership, building their foundational skills as they prepare for grades 9-12. The 7-8 Academy is led by Team Leader Sara Lucyznski, an award-winning educator with significant experience at the middle and high school levels. Students in the 7-8 academy will rotate through a full academic schedule of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science and have opportunities to become involved in a variety of exploratory classes such as 7-8 Band, 7-8 Chorus, Visual Arts, Theater and Performance, Health and Physical Education, and more.


Students in the Drury 7-8 Academy may also participate in grade 7-12 extracurricular activities (including junior varsity athletics in selected areas) and dedicated 7-8 after-school enrichment offerings are also in development for this school year.


Our grade 9-12 restructuring has allowed us to consolidate our departments, aligning visual arts, music, theater, health, and physical education under the Arts and Movement Team, led by Aldonna Girouard.  Grade 9-12 science and mathematics are now under the leadership of Angela Quinto within the STEM Team, and 9-12 English, social studies, and foreign language have been combined into the Humanities Team, led by Stephanie Kopala. Ms. Kopala also serves as the Drury Director of Curriculum and Instruction, working closely with the Drury administration and all team leaders to ensure instructional consistency and high-quality expectations throughout the building.


Students remain at the center of all of these changes, as we focus on meeting the needs of diverse learners and challenging all students to be the best they can be. As we march further into the 21st century, all of us at Drury High School are committed to empowering all learners to succeed in school and beyond.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our team leaders with any questions or email me directly at tcallahan@napsk12.org.




Timothy R. Callahan