Student Support Center

Each school in the North Adams Public School district employs a Student Support Center.

The Student Support Center provides proactive support and skill-building opportunities in order to help students positively change their social, emotional and behavioral choices. A full-time coordinator staffs the Student Support Center. The coordinator provides supports by:

  • Setting limits and managing various levels of behavior.

  • De-escalating various levels of emotion.

  • Processing with students utilizing best practice techniques.

  • Providing processing opportunities to individual students through check-ins.

  • Collecting and analyzing data regarding Student Support Center usage on a daily basis.

Student Support Team

The SST meets weekly to review referrals from staff and respond to student-level behavior, SEL, and academic data (school-wide trends and specific students)

Stephanie Kopala


Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Bill Bryce

Dean of Students

Drury Homeless Liaison

Court Liaison

Drury Safety Liaison to the District Safety Team

Drury School Safety Management Team Facilitator

Kellie Lahey

SPED Coordinator 7-8

Behavior Coordinator

SEL/Mental Health Academy Team Facilitator

SST Facilitator

Jaime Hamilton

Guidance Counselor, A-K

College and Career Advisor

Kathryn Morgan

Guidance Counselor, L-Z

College and Career Advisor

504 Plan Coordinator

Kerry Morrison

School Adjustment Counselor

Jessica Chittenden

School Adjustment Counselor

Amanda Davis

District Nurse
All medical concerns