Student Support Center

Each school in the North Adams Public School district employs a Student Support Center.

The Student Support Center provides proactive support and skill-building opportunities in order to help students positively change their social, emotional and behavioral choices. A full-time coordinator staffs the Student Support Center. The coordinator provides supports by:

  • Setting limits and managing various levels of behavior.

  • De-escalating various levels of emotion.

  • Processing with students utilizing best practice techniques.

  • Providing processing opportunities to individual students through check-ins.

  • Collecting and analyzing data regarding Student Support Center usage on a daily basis.

Student Support Team

The SST meets weekly to review referrals from staff and respond to student-level behavior, SEL, and academic data (school-wide trends and specific students)


Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Dean of Students

SPED Coordinator 9-12

Drury Homeless Liaison

Dean of Students

Court Liaison

Drury Safety Liaison to the District Safety Team

Drury School Safety Management Team Facilitator

SPED Coordinator 7-8

Behavior Coordinator

SEL/Mental Health Academy Team Facilitator

SST Facilitator

Guidance Counselor, A-K

College and Career Advisor

Guidance Counselor, L-Z

College and Career Advisor

504 Plan Coordinator

School Adjustment Counselor

School Adjustment Counselor

District Nurse
All medical concerns