Values, Beliefs & Expectations

Values: At Drury High School, the entire school community must facilitate a student-centered learning environment characterized by equity, personalization, collaboration, and engagement.

Beliefs: We believe learning is a collaborative process of continual student growth and all learners will become proficient in the Drury High School Expectations.  To this end, all members of our school community are active and reflective agents of teaching and learning in an ever-changing global society.


1. Students read for understanding

2. Students effectively analyze and evaluate information

3. Students write effectively for a variety of purposes 

4. Students communicate effectively through a variety of media

5. Students collaborate effectively

6. Students demonstrate personal responsibility and productivity as participants in the school community

7. Students demonstrate effective problem solving

8. Students demonstrate technological literacy

9. Students demonstrate safe and healthy choices

10. Students demonstrate knowledge of their place in the global environment