Drury High School Afterschool Enrollment; Session 1

Drury is excited to announce the launch of its afterschool program. Session 1 will begin on 10/23. Please complete your enrollment form by 10/13.  See link for enrollment details!

Here is a list of our fabulous programs bring offered for session 1:

EMPOWER LEADERS: Empowering the leaders of tomorrow! In this program, you'll learn essential leadership and team-building skills in a supportive and engaging environment. Our Team Building & Youth Leadership program empowers you with essential life skills and exciting activities. Develop leadership abilities, improve teamwork, and gain valuable life skills in a fun and supportive environment. Unleash your potential and be a leader both in school and your community. 

Stop Motion Animation: In this class you will use the Stop Motion Studio and CapCut apps to create your own stop motion videos. Using paper, clay and found items you can create your own characters, sets and stories to share. All skill levels encouraged. Sign up with a friend. 

Puppetry: This program will focus on the history and creation of puppets throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. The work involved in this course will be both small- and large-scale and will encompass a wide variety of puppet making methods such as clay sculpting, painting, paper mâché, woodworking, and sewing. This program will also focus on theatrical techniques such as light and shadow play, characterization, costuming, and set design. In the last week of Session 1, you'll be invited to perform and/or share your work at a culminating event.

The Devil's Disciple: Drury's student newspaper, The Devil's Disciple, will be making a comeback. You'll explore journalism principles to create newspaper content based on your interests, with the goal of publishing the paper monthly to start, and more frequently as the year progresses. 

Absurd Math: Ever wonder how many golden retrievers would fit into an Olympic-size pool or how many tacos would fit on a football field? We will explore these absurdities, as well as come up with (and attempt to answer!) our own individual questions that we've always been somewhat curious about, but never before actually investigated by mathematicians.

Role Playing Games (RPG): Have you ever watched a movie and said "If I was the hero I would have...."? Do you want to slay monsters and tell an epic story? Or do you just want to come and joke around while rolling dice to see who shoots an arrow into a ceiling? Whatever your answers are to these questions you have a place at the table during our After School RPG program. During this program you are given the opportunity to work collaboratively with your Game Master and other players to tell a story that matters, that deals with problems and overcomes them. Roll some dice, slay some monsters, tell a story (even if you roll a one).

SEL Exploration: Begin your week with a certified Breathe 4 Change Facilitator and engage in SEL games, mediation and opportunities to set goals for the week. Hint: There might be UNO! 

THREADS - Cultural Exploration: Students will have an opportunity to explore ancestries, with the choice to dig into their own personal roots, or the ancestry of a public figure. Much like the PBS television series Finding Your Roots, explorations will bring forward rich cultural histories for further study. Students will become familiar with analyzing primary source documents and how to access public archives. Each thread that's used to start their research will lead students to unravel and make sense of a tapestry of cultural histories of people across the globe. This cultural investigation will allow students to appreciate the rich diversity of people and their origin stories. 

Unnecessary Invention: When is an unnecessary invention necessary? When it's the basis of a new program introducing the concepts of human-centered design and digital fabrication! The Berkshire Innovation Center will bring industry insight and prototyping know-how to Drury by challenging you to invent a novelty product which is truly unnecessary. Learn an overview of design principles, an introduction to using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, 3D printing, and how the three can be used together for rapid design iteration.

Checkmate!: This chess program is for newcomers and those returning to the game. Come on Tuesdays to practice the game of chess and become a champion player. 

Power of Connection: This program promotes building confidence and connection through yoga, journaling, and relationship-building.

Trivia Tuesdays: Do you love a battle of the minds? Do you store a bunch of useful (or useless!) knowledge? Spend time after school on Tuesdays dedicated to different types of trivia. Engage each week in thought provoking trivia, and have fun while doing it!  

Magic: The Gathering: Ever wanted to learn how to play a trading card game? In this program, you can! Compete with your friends and classmates in Magic: The Gathering, a strategy game using a wide variety of interesting cards. No cards necessary, we'll provide them for you!  

Skill Fire: From Destination Imagine comes the program Skill Fire, which promotes the Portrait of a Graduate competencies of communication and collaboration through hands-on activities and fun challenges.  

Book Club: Do you love to read novels, comic books, or graphic novels? Do you love to talk about your favorite characters or meet new ones? Join this program to explore a variety of stories with time to share their favorite ones.