March 19th Deadline

All North Adams Public Schools parents/guardians of students in grades PreK through 12, must complete the on-line enrollment commitment form by March 19th at 5:00 pm. 

The form will indicate your student(s) commitment to either full in-person or full remote learning as of:

  • April 5th: PreK-6th Grade Students

  • April 28th: 7th - 8th Grade Students

  • Date pending: 9th - 12th Grade Students (though the return date is pending, you are still required to provide your commitment by the March 19th deadline.)

If you haven’t already done so, please complete and submit the appropriate form(s) below:

Brayton Elementary School 

Colegrove Park Elementary School 

Greylock Elementary School 

7th - 8th Grade Students 

 9th - 12th Grade Students

You can find the Full In-Person/Full Remote Learning FAQ document here.  If you are having difficulty accessing this form or have questions, please feel free to email and a North Adams Public Schools staff member will be in touch with you. Thank you.