Youth Works Applications Due Before May 31st

First Step

Complete the Youth Application Form  

Eligibility Details (Link opens in a new window).

The Youth Works program serves a wide range of participants in terms of ages, levels of career awareness, and goals. Youth Works consists of three specific tiers: Service and Project-based Learning for 14-15-year-olds, Early and Career Trajectory Experiences for 16-21-year-olds, and Career Pathway Training and Support for 18-25-year-olds. The table below outlines the service strategy for the tiers. 

Second Step

Complete the Paper Application 

To complete the enrollment, all youth must complete a paper application which includes additional payroll documents, signatures, work permit info, and submitting eligibility docs. (If you are unable to access a paper application through your school or through the Career Center, contact MassHire directly and they will mail you an application) 

  • Applications are available at MassHire Berkshire Career Center, 160 North Street Pittsfield, Ma. 
  • We are available to assist youth with applications on Tuesday and Wednesday 2:30-4

  • Documents to bring: Photo ID, Social Security, Income and Work permit/ birth certificate if under 18

  Third Step 

Placement in a Tier!

Youth Works Age, Stage and Path Model 


Tier 1- Service and Project-Based Learning 

Tier 2- Early and Career-Trajectory Experiences 

Tier 3- Career Pathway Training and Support 


14-15-year-old participants 

Work Readiness: June 27-July 1

Mon -Fri 10-2

PBL : July 5th-August 26

Berkshire Community College STEAM Program, and Childcare placements 

Paid Minimum Wage

16-21-year-old participants 

Work Readiness: June 27-July 1

Mon-Fri 2-4

Work Strat Date: July 5- August 26

Paid Minimum Wage 

Over 30 Worksites to choose from! 

Cycle 2 Period: Sept. - May 

40-300 program hours 

18-25-year-old participants 

Work Readiness: June 21-23, 11-1

Work start date: July 5th-August 26

Paid Minimum wage 

Over 30 worksites to choose from including Micro Career Pathway Courses! 

Cycle 2 Period: Sept.  - May 

40-320 program hours 

For more information, contact:

Kelly Groves-Skrocki 
Youth Services Coordinator MassHire Berkshire Career Center 
160 North Street Pittsfield, Ma 01201
413-499-2220 Extension 145