Good Afternoon Drury Students and Caregivers,

Happy New Year! Here are a few notes and reminders as we finish out this first semester of classes over the next few weeks:

  • The School Day Begins at 7:41am: The first bell of the day rings at 7:41 am and the first class begins at 7:45 am. We cannot accomodate student drop offs prior to 7:30 am as the staff does not report to the building until shortly before that time. There are a few buses that need to drop off students a bit earlier due to other bus-route commitments, and we have those students wait outside or in the front entryway. If you are a parent or guardian dropping off a student, please do not arrive until after 7:30 am. Your child will not be late to class if they arrive shortly before 7:40 am. In addition, all students must enter the building through the front doors (main entrance) to the school.

  • 1st Semester Ends on January 23rd - Exams Scheduled for January 19th and 20th: With our block schedule at Drury, most students will have courses that end on January 23rd. We will have two half-days for final exams, or midterm exams for year-long courses, on January 19th and 20th (with the 23rd as a make-up exam day or a day for students to get caught up on missing assignments). Students will be dismissed at 11:00am on the exam days at the end of the semester. If a student would like to preview their courses for the 2nd semester which begins on January 24th, they should be able to see their schedule through their PowerSchool account. If they need their password info -- or if you need PowerSchool parent portal access -- please email Pam Kidder at for that information.

  • Student Chromebooks: Every student at Drury has been assigned a Chromebook. Please make sure you child is bringing their Chromebook to and from school each day, and make sure they are charging the Chromebook at night. We do not have enough additional laptops to loan out to students during the day as we have devoted our resources to ensuring each student has their own device to provide equitable access to learning materials and lessons. If they don't bring their Chromebook to school, they cannot effectively engage in the learning experiences we provide.

Thank you for your continued support of Drury High School!


Stephanie Kopala